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Is Your Brand Invisible in Search Results?

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Showing up on Google search results pages has never been more important or more complicated. The number of organic listings on search results pages is shrinking. The page layout is constantly evolving. The cost per click continues to rise for most categories. So what is the only proven way to game the system for outstanding search results? Consistently turning out great, relevant content.

There are plenty of shortcuts, but Google eventually finds them and penalizes the brand. Creating content that people want to consume is the time-tested way to get organic first-page search results. People will never be more committed to a brand than they are to solving their own problems. So make content that addresses their needs and incorporates keywords that are important to your business. But keep in mind that those keywords should flow naturally. Google’s algorithm has evolved to the point that it recognizes topics and synonyms, so there’s no need to stuff your content with keywords. Don’t make it sound like an ad or marketing copy. People don’t want to read ads. They want to find solutions to their problems. Help them do that with your content. Sure, this approach takes time, effort, and money, but anything worthwhile does.


Your business can get on search results pages faster with a pay-per-click or AdWords campaign. This type of marketing is a lot closer to direct response than the previous technique, but that’s not a bad thing, since customers who are actively searching for a solution are typically ready to buy. So use both approaches for maximum impact.

Neither approach is ideal for beginners or those who want to do it themselves, because of the tools, strategy, and time required to do them well. It’s worthwhile to team up with someone who can offer sophisticated strategies and premium analytic tools to constantly optimize your campaigns. Pick a keyword list after doing some competitive analysis of the market and your category. Test. Measure. Repeat.

Your customers don’t thumb through the yellow pages anymore. When they pull out their phone or look for you with their desktop computer, you need a strong presence. Get found on search results pages with savvy marketing, and get back in the conversation.

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