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Is Your Website Built to Convert Visitors into Sales?

Web Design

If you spend money on advertising that sends people to a poor experience on your website, you are literally throwing money away. Right now, visitors are judging whether they want to do business with your brand by how great or terrible your website experience is for them. Do you need a branding site, or do you need an ecommerce site? Should you start over, or do you just need to redesign the user experience? These are all valid questions you need to answer before starting work on your website.

One of the first steps is to identify the different types of users that you expect to visit your site. These are called personas, and they can really be helpful when designing the user experience. Different people have different agendas when they visit. Some visitors just want to get information quickly, others are returning customers, and still others might want to research specific aspects of your business. Optimizing how they flow through your website can mean the difference between a sale and a frustrated potential customer.


An ecommerce site will steer visitors into a conversion funnel. A branding website aims for high dwell times (time on site) and low bounce rates (leaving quickly without taking action) because the longer visitors are on the site, the more likely they are to do business with the brand. All websites should have landing pages that are constantly being optimized. All websites should be mobile friendly—built with responsive design and fast load times. And all websites should instantly signal to the visitors that they’ve come to the right place. These signals could include proper imagery and design, headlines with compelling benefits, slogans, or trust badges.

Well-designed websites can improve sales with smart navigation and suggestive selling, and measure how well your other campaigns are doing with tracking links. Utilizing cookies can help convert visitors who have abandoned your site by serving them display ads on other sites after they leave. Smart retargeting campaigns have extremely high click-through rates compared to other display advertising.

Whatever strategy you decide is best for your website, rest assured that it will need continued maintenance, upgrades, and optimization. The Internet is constantly evolving. Your website and your marketing strategies should too.

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