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The Benefits of Billboards Are Growing, Not Slowing

Billboards and other out-of-home marketing aren’t just for big brands. They’re cost-effective ways to reach the masses. Just about any product or service—especially local businesses—can benefit from added exposure. In fact, an Arbitron National In-Car Study from 2009 found that the average American spends over 20 hours per week traveling in their car. That's a lot of potential to reach customers, don't you think? Even more so when you consider that over two-thirds of those surveyed reported reading billboards.

Who can fail to notice a clever billboard at the side of the road or on a passing bus? You probably cruised by one this morning on the way to work. Billboards are effective ways to grab attention whether you’re in your car, on public transportation, or even just good-old-fashioned walking. But the world is moving fast. So a well-designed billboard needs to deliver your message quickly, in about seven words or less. That’s all the time you have to make a good first impression. And as you know, first impressions are everything!

It used to be difficult measuring out-of-home advertising like billboards, bus boards, and in-store displays, but not anymore. As commuters travel by billboards, data taken from their mobile devices and smart cars provide a treasure trove of insights. It’s now possible to calculate the number of people exposed to a billboard, their likes, demographic information, and whether or not they’d be a likely consumer of your product or service. Face-tracking technology can measure customer sentiment while they’re focused on a display in your store. That same technology can accurately report whether someone saw the advertisement and how long they lingered at the monitor.

When you need to make a big impression on the market, effective out-of-home advertising still delivers.


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