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The Only Way to Succeed with Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile Campaigns

Tips for Better Mobile Campaigns

A few years ago at an advertising conference an exasperated marketing director told me, “Create a marketing campaign for the phone? I don’t even know how my phone works.” Today, mobile marketing is a difference maker for brands with an average of over 50% of website traffic coming from mobile—and growing every year. However, few marketers have mastered a deep understanding of what it takes to create successful mobile campaigns.

Mobile Experience

After working with AT&T on Mobile Marketing Solutions™ on mobile strategies, it became clear which campaigns gave brands a competitive advantage. Several mobile strategies were tested with focus groups. The final analysis clearly indicated the different ways brands—across a variety of categories—could influence consumer sentiment, choice and behavior at the moment of decision.


If you’re considering a mobile marketing campaign using a mobile app, text and videotext messaging, barcodes or a website optimized for mobile, here are some important points for you to consider:

  • Create an “opt-in” experience. This targets mobile users who are the most receptive to your marketing; those who have decided to engage with your brand.

  • Respect the mobile user by giving them simple ways to throttle up or throttle down the type of notifications they will receive from you.

  • Provide timely, relevant information and benefits to mobile users.

  • Create experiences that offer insights, discounts or convenience when and where your customers need it the most.

  • Make the buttons and navigation easy to use on a mobile device.

  • All users to personalize their mobile experience with you.

  • Mobile landing pages are a great way to generate qualified leads for a remarketing campaign. Consider the cadence of how often you serve retargeted ads and how you are going to vary the messaging.

  • Mobile search is highly effective but think about long tail search terms optimized for the way consumers search using their voice verses typing.

  • Understand the environment you’re serving your advertising. Some of these consumers will be cold leads; others will want to act immediately.

  • Content marketing and video marketing are ideal ways to surprise, delight or inform a mobile consumer.

Mobile Apps

In the end, a lot of mobile campaigns are similar to traditional marketing campaigns like branding, direct response, coupons and loyalty programs. The challenge with mobile apps is to make the experience compelling enough that mobile users want to use it over and over again, because that repeated use creates a deeper connection with your brand. Is your app providing enough value.

At the Mcommerce Summit: State of Mobile Commerce 2016, Jonathan Pelosi, head of industry and mobile apps at Google, plainly stated, “Don’t just have an app for the sake of it. If it is not doing something uniquely cool, go back to the drawing board.”

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