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The 10 Funniest Commercials of Super Bowl LI

Why Comedy Is the Most Effective Way to Advertise

10 - It’s a 10 Hair Care, “Ten Things”

9 - Amazon Alexa, “Super Bowl Moments”

8 - T-Mobile, “#BagofUnlimited”

7 - Kia, “Hero’s Journey”

6 - TurboTax, “Humpty Fall”

5 - GoDaddy, “Good Morning"

4 - Squarespace, “Who The F*ck Is JohnMalkovich?”

3 - Sprint, "Car"

2 - Avocados From Mexico, “Secret Society”

1 - Skittles, “Romance”

Mike Johnston is a production executive and advertising creative in Seattle. He is available for freelance consulting, writing and directing. Contact Mike.


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