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How to Spot the Theme of Your Story


What did the protagonist learn at the end of the story?

Example: humility

What is the big decision the protagonist must make at the end of the story?

Example: Riches or their humanity?

What’s the high-level concept for your story? 

Example: A father’s love for his son drives him to face his fears.

How did the protagonist change over the story?

Example: started selfish and became self-sacrificing

What common issue is the protagonist constantly wrestling with?

Example: acceptance

What are most of the scenes really about?

Example: commitment

What is the biggest issue between most of the characters?

Example: control

What makes the protagonist vulnerable?

Example: loneliness

What is the protagonist’s wound?

Example: abandoned

What do the protagonist and the antagonist have in common?

Example: obsession

What do the world and the protagonist have in common?

Example: apathy

Why did the protagonist finally decide to act?

Example: honor

Early in the story, why did the protagonist not act?

Example: shame

Last one: What was your biggest fear about writing the script?