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West Seattle Coins had been a well-established coin shop in the West Seattle Junction for almost 30 years. When we started working with them, more and more of their business was coming from buying things (made of gold), rather than selling things (like coins). It’s not a classic retail model. Selling a pair of old blue jeans to a used clothing store is one thing. But most people are wary of selling valuables like a gold chain, jewelry, or diamonds. They don’t understand the process. Every buyer says they’ll pay the most. Sellers don’t want anyone to take advantage of them. That’s a lot to overcome.


So we started by building trust. We partnered with trusted celebrities, who endorsed the brand on radio. The message: “Your first step is to get a free evaluation, so you can find out what your valuables are really worth.” It worked. West Seattle Coins got the first shot at the business, and most folks were pleased enough to sell right on the spot. For those who investigated online, we developed a proprietary content marketing plan that dramatically improved the SEO of the website and co-branded them with market leaders. We added television, outdoor, social media and AdWords campaigns to create a fully integrated marketing solution.


Their business grew so rapidly that they quickly opened Bellevue Rare Coins in Bellevue (now their flagship store) and in Lynnwood. They added more than 20 employees, sales grew from $5 million to $85 million a year, and they became one of the most trusted brands in the Pacific Northwest. Later, West Seattle Coins was absorbed into the Bellevue Rare Coins brand. Though they took all of their advertising in-house a few years ago, their meteoric rise can be traced back to the branding written for television and radio, content marketing, and social media advertising. 

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