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Our policy details the way we gather personal information about visitors on the site. The practices are subject to change at any time. Please review before our policies before using our site or submitting any personal information. If you use our site without having reviewed this policy, you agree to the terms of this policy and do so at your own risk.


Please note that the policy described on this page is the policy for this website only. So please review the privacy policies of the other websites that we link to as well.



Information Collection


We collect information that can be used to personally identify people, such as addresses, names, email addresses and other items when visitors to our site voluntarily submit them. Any information you provide to us is only used to fulfill your request.


Tracking Technology and the Usage of Cookies


This website uses cookies and other tracking technology to gather information about visitors to the website. This information concerns the visitors’ browsing software and operating system, the number of visitors to the site and what visitors do on our site. We may share aggregate data gathered from cookies and other tracking technology with third parties. Though cookies do no directly provide personal information, the information contained within cookies may be correlated with other public information on the internet.

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