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Why Some People Will Never Give Up on Print

From the glossy pages inside a magazine to the reassuring feel of a freshly inked newspaper, print is still a powerful persuader. It used to be a broad-reach medium. But as many readers moved online, the print audience became a highly concentrated group of people in key demographics. If you are trying to reach one of those demographics, print is an important tool to have in your arsenal.

Regardless of the publication that you're buying, print has a much longer shelf life than digital media. Readers can refer back to it again and again. The people who prefer print might dabble in online, but they have a deep connection to the physical printed page, so they engage longer. Readers spend more time with the medium than they do skimming websites and blogs.​

Print advertising should be a rich, visual experience. The cost of creating ads for magazines and newspapers is directly related to the ad dimensions, placement and color. Of course, those decisions ultimately influence your ability to create a more lasting impression. That, and the creative concept.​

"Readers spend more time with print than they do skimming websites and blogs." 

The cost to purchase space varies depending on the type of publication, how far in advance you buy, and the amount of media you purchase. You might be thinking that local magazines and local newspapers are your only options, but national publications operate regional sections in order to better target certain demographics.​

So when you consider where to spend your marketing dollars, think about all the advantages of print. That’s why major brands still use it. It reaches a high concentration of very specific, loyal readers who stay engaged longer. These brands know they’re getting in front of a lot of high-quality leads.

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