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The Top 35 Funniest Commercials of 2016

Funniest Commercials

In alphabetical order

ALLSTATE, "Accident Forgiveness"

AMAZON, "Alexa Moments"

APPLE MUSIC, "Taylor vs. Treadmill"

AT&T, "Keep Calm, Your Internet Is On"

BELVITA, "British Businessman"

CANARY, "While You Were Out"

CIGNA, "TV Doctors of America"

DORITOS, "Doritos Dogs"

ENTERPRISE, "One Giant Rollout"

FARMERS, "Mer-Mutts"

GEICO, "Forest: Fast Forward"

GERALD DAUGHERTY CAMPAIGN, "Please Re-Elect Gerald Daugherty... Please"

GUSTO, "So Many Zoes"

HEINZ, "Wiener Stampede"

HOMEAWAY, "It's Your Vacation. Why Share It?"

HYUNDAI, "First Date"

iPHONE 6s, "Timer"

JACK IN THE BOX, "Cricket's Cravings"

KFC, "Fun in the Sun"

KIA, "Walken Closet"

MARMONT, "Love the Outside"

MIRTH, "Legal"

MOUNTAIN DEW, "Puppymonkeybaby"

OLD SPICE, "Whale"

REESE'S, "Summer... Like a Winter Olympian"

SNICKERS, "Marilyn"

SNICKERS CRISPER, "Figure Drawing"

SODASTREAM, "Shame or Glory"

STRYHNS, "Food for Men"

SUBARU, "Phone Navigation"

TEMPTATIONS, "Keep Them Busy"

TEVA DUORESP, "Bad Barista"

TIDE, "The Robe"

TINY TOAST, "Humans Can't Resist"

Is there one of your favorites that isn't on the list? Let us know.

Mike Johnston is a production executive and advertising creative in Seattle. He is available for freelance consulting, writing and directing. Contact Mike

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